Betty’s Back to Nature Spa

“Great Potential Business Consultant Offices”, written in bold black letters on a crumbling building, flashed before me as I turned a corner in old town Lilongwe. Within seconds I decided to steal the idea and start a branch in San Miguel. I have a talent for telling people what to do, so I think I’d be a natural at spouting great potential business ideas, tailored to each and every individual.
lilongwe old town

Anxious to get started, I’ve decided to take Betty on as my first client (see Baby Baboon Love for full story). Through astute observation, I’ve noticed that she’s not particularly fond of being a baboon and prefers human contact (which isn’t necessarily good) to stinky, hairy animals. Like any good mother, I want to give Betty every opportunity in life, so if the baboon in the bush thing doesn’t work out, I’m prepared to set her up in her own spa business.

Betty is a natural in this field and has already proven to excel in the following treatments:

-Mashed banana and saliva hair conditioning with a 2-hand plus 2-feet massage

-Hair tangling with banana mush and guava seed (see picture below)

-Masticated peanut facial scrub with 20-finger exfoliation

-Intense neck and shoulder massage achieved with high flying jumps and leaps for seriously tight muscles


Betty practicing hair treatment

Betty practicing hair treatments


Now these procedures might not sound competitive to you, however as a Great Potential Business Consultant I always make sure my clients have one exclusive, imaginative idea that no one else offers. In Betty’s case it’s a natural remedy for head lice.

Betty, at a discounted cost to the consumer, will personally find and pick out all lice, or any other creatures crawling in or around the scalp area. She hopes this will be the cornerstone of her business, since the procedure would greatly supplement her diet, therefore, saving money on fruit and peanuts. Her dream is to one day open a Betty’s Back to Nature Spa in New York and London, where I assured her they served bananas in many forms, sweet and savory. I’ve been filling her tiny, little head with visions of banana pudding, banana bread, fried banana with cream, and banana milkshakes, just to name a few. She’s quite excited and ready to take on the challenge.


Betty headshot
I’ve proposed this head shot of Betty as the business logo, her face surrounded by a wreath of flowers and fruit. I promised her a banana font spelling out Betty’s Back to Nature Spa at the bottom. So far my first client seems very happy with her great potential business idea.

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