Viva Las Vegas

November 6th, 2014

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The evening started with Elvis’s classic rendition of Suspicious Minds. In attendance was a small crowd of adoring fans, along with a few drunks, hugging the bar. As Elvis took center stage, keeping time to the music with a white loafer-encased foot, one of the aforementioned drunks–a heavyset, middle-aged woman, slithered off her stool and into the crowd where she zeroed in on a nice Midwestern (let’s assume, for the sake of the story) man. She asked him to dance and he obliged—his petite, blonde wife encouraging him to do so. They walked onto the dance floor where he attempted to take her into a proper dance position. She ignored his gesture, reaching around his waist and grabbing his ass instead.

Giggling in delight, she lifted her hands and began running her fingers through his thinning brown hair. Pleased to be in the company of a warm body, she caressed his checks and his brow, and ran her long, polished red nails over his lips. He froze in horror.

(This is getting interesting, I thought, sliding comfortably down into my red velvet chair, sipping yet another free cocktail.)


Downtown Vegas

Downtown Vegas

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