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Memorable Meals Gallery

Wild Mushrooms




Fresh Truffles with Eggs


Stuffed Squash Blossoms


Homemade Tortillas


Wild Mushroom Crostini




Goat Cheese Tart


Candied Squash


Fava Bean Soup


Fresh Pasta with Langoustine




Proscuitto di Parma


Apple Strudel


Braised Octopus over Charcoal


Truffle-stuffed Chicken




Wild Mushroom Soup in Bread Bowl


Spaghetti alle Vongole


Crayfish on Lemon Sorbet


Truffled Cheese Fondue


Hungarian Breakfast


Fresh Figs with Salami


Fresh Oysters


Trout Three Ways


Corn Cups


Fried Artichokes




Grand Manier Souffle




Grilled Cuttlefish


Fresh Fruit Tart


Low Country Boil


Don't just take our word for it…


“I set my expectations high. I thought maybe too high. Wrong! Not high enough!”

Croatia & Umbria

"We love European travel...but, never with a group. I became bored with the usual tourist traps. I needed something to do besides churches and museums.

Two years ago my wife suggested going on a Delicious Expedition tour with Kris Rudolph to Umbria, Italy. We enjoyed every minute of a time and activity-balanced week. We cooked, ate at great restaurants, went on interesting tours with knowledgeable guides and were with like-minded people who were fun.

When Kris said she would like to do a Croatia tour, we were in. I had read and talked to people who raved about the beauty of the country and friendliness of the people. I set my expectations high. I thought maybe too high. Wrong! Not high enough! What a great time with five other couples and the crew on our boat. We had another well-coordinated, balanced trip like our Umbria experience. Kris arranged food, wine, guided tours, cooking experiences we could not have put together on our own.

As we will probably go on another trip with Kris, you can guess we highly recommend a Delicious Expedition."

Doug and Judy Christoffersen—St. Paul, Minn.


“There is no space to list all the beautiful aspects and memories...”

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

"My husband and I enjoyed a week long adventure in San Miguel de Allende.  It was our first visit to the charming colonial town and we fell in love with it the minute we got there! We spent the next several days touring the surrounding towns of Guanajuato, Pozos, Dolores Hidalgo etc. not only enjoying the local specialties but also learning about art, ceramics, architecture and history. Our evenings were enjoyed in Kris's kitchen learning to make local dishes.  There is no space to list all the beautiful aspects and memories of our trip in this short review. Kris is warm, caring and has a fantastic sense of humor. She is a joy to be around!  My husband and I are now considering one of her tours in another part of the world.”

Dacia Parsons—Phoenix, Arizona


“ I'd go again tomorrow if I could!"

Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast

"Croatia was never on my radar, but now it’s my favorite place on earth, thanks to Kris Rudolph and her inside track. It's endlessly enticing with natural beauty - the coastline, the beaches, the mountains, walled cities and 4th century palaces, the bounty of their sea, and the glory of centuries producing wine and olive oil.

The Dalmatian Coast is littered with beautiful islands, each unique and charming, and needs to be seen by boat, preferably a small, private boat with a lively local crew well connected to local harbormasters! Kris knows the who, what, where and how, which adds up to the trip of a lifetime. I can't recommend Kris and her Delicious Expeditions enough! I'd go again tomorrow if I could!"

Maggie Dolan—Minneapolis, Minnesota


“This was truly an inspired journey."

Ireland & its Wild Atlantic Coast

"Congratulations to Kris for her brilliantly organized Delicious Expedition to Ireland. This first visit to Ireland was a kaleidoscope of sensory delight. My biggest surprise was how quickly Ireland found her way into and with me. Even in jetlag, she and I have held pleasantly tight.

With daily engaged and well-paced itinerary, Kris offered multiple opportunities for immersive experiences. From Ireland’s rich literary and historical depths to the delicious highpoints of Ireland’s foodscape bounty, her nurturing talent to enrich personal and group participation was an enchantment. This was truly an inspired journey. Thank you!"

Marti Daniel—Chicago, Illinois


“Kudos to Kris Rudolph for creating and organizing such a spectacular event.”


"The trip was fabulous! The Novak's made our group a part of their family for the week. Novak Lodge was a great place to stay; the rooms with baths were rustic and comfortable. The eating experience was beyond exquisite.  Wild, hand-picked mushrooms, greens and even weeds from the garden––garnishes of wild flowers made every dish a work of art.  Sometimes five-to-nine course meals, paired with red, white, or orange wines. Kudos to Kris Rudolph for creating and organizing such a spectacular event.”

Jane Lipman—Tesuque, New Mexico


“The meal components were all excellent, the chefs and cocineras traditionales exceptional. ”


"My friend and I just returned from a fantastic week-long Delicious Expedition to the Morelia and Patzcuaro area of Michoacan, Mexico. The meal components were all excellent, the chefs and cocineras traditionales exceptional. We loved the mix of opportunities to help cook, see demonstrations, ask questions and of course eat delicious food. The daily outings were a great mix of walking tours and visits to artisan homes and studios with free time sprinkled throughout. Both hotels were really special. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone, whether or not you like to cook!

Tizzy Bennett—Seattle, Washington


“The culinary courses choreographed by Kris were spectacular.”


"How would I describe my time in Umbria? Delicious! Yes, that is what it was... delicious. The culinary courses choreographed by Kris were spectacular. We spent 7 days basking in the ambiance of medieval Italy, tasting the delicate and exquisite foods of the Italian countryside. We explored ancient Roman baths and visited a wonderful welcoming olive farm. We learned from local gals how to make our own ravioli…and it’s true-fresh makes a huge difference! Kris made our time personal, exciting, memorable and intimate. If I could do it once a year, I would!”

Jody McManus—Elgin, Arizona


“The Locanda Cipriani was a little piece of paradise...”


"Thank you for making our Venice trip so special! I loved the variety of things we did and the food and of course, your company. Both tour guides were knowledgeable AND entertaining - so charming! The Locanda was a little piece of paradise and a great way to transition from our long trip to busy Venice. The tour of the lagoon was so interesting with our stops on those little islands and then a floating lunch. And then Venice was everything it was supposed to be.”

Jane Lamb—Seattle, Washington


“…such levels of food and drink were astonishing.”

The Basque Country

"Have I told you enough how much I enjoyed this tour? I remember when I first received your newsletter, my eyes caught onto Basque Country, I took a breath and thought, “When would I ever get to go there?” And that was it. I signed up and waited patiently for the day. Our tour was a great experience for me—such levels of food and drink were astonishing. I will look forward to another one. Many thanks for all your hard work and for keeping count.”

Evelyn Goldman—San Diego, California


“Everyplace we went; our little group was treated like special guests, because of Kris’ relationships with the people...”


“Kris is a world class traveler and master of organization.  She kept us busy, but I never felt rushed or stressed the entire week. The tours of the region that Kris had scheduled were not only educational but also great fun.  Everyplace we went; our little group was treated like special guests, because of Kris’ relationships with the people that were our tour guides, drivers and chefs.  I felt as if we got an insider’s peek into the culture of Umbria.  I could go on and on about the food, but I will simply say that I experienced the best meals of my life on this trip.  The hilltop villa, La Pietra, with its magnificent views, was so comfortable that it quickly became our home away from home…thanks for the memories.”

Lisa Dudley—Los Angeles, California


“They made us all feel right at home.”

Bordeaux and the French Countryside

"Skippy, Diane and Eric are the stars of the trip. They made us all feel right at home. Wonderful meals by Diane, fascinating tours and stories by Eric and snuggles by Skippy! The château is nestled in the middle of the Lot countryside with charming rooms and a wonderful wine cellar. I highly recommend this trip with our charming tour leader, Kris!"

Mhoire Murdoch—San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


“If you love to travel well, this is the trip for you.”

Ireland & its Wild Atlantic Coast

"Magical, that’s what Ireland is! The experiences offered by Kris are overwhelming, in the best way possible. We visited oyster, sheep, and cattle farms where the owners shared their lives and stories. We visited an abalone and seaweed farm and ate a 3-course seaweed lunch. The local guides and drivers added so much to the experience. The food was incredible, spectacular, heavenly, take your pick, but oh so bountiful. The attention to detail by Kris when choosing the lodging, excursions and restaurants was five star. If you love to travel well, this is the trip for you!"

Ramona S.—Santa Fe, NM


“Our experience exceeded our wildest dreams...”


“I recently came back from a Delicious Expeditions tour to Slovenia with my mother. Our experience exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations! The tour operator, Kris, was not only lovely and fun, but well organized and knowledgeable. The activities of the tour were perfectly designed to include touring, free time, cooking, socializing and pampering. Most days were a mixture of Slovenian culture, cooking and conversation. Slovenia is beautiful and pristine and the people were hospitable and friendly. We foraged for food while staying in the countryside and then learned how to cook with only the freshest of ingredients. Everything we ate throughout the trip was high quality, fresh and delicious (and perfectly paired with the best wines)! We will definitely go on another trip with Kris!”

Valerie Adelman—New York, NY


“There can be no better way to discover another culture than to travel, cook, and sip together on a Delicious Expedition.”

Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast

“Our trip to Croatia was the 'trip of a lifetime' for us. Not simply delicious--as it certainly was--but also educational thanks to the excellent guides Kris so carefully selected. There can be no better way to discover another culture than to travel, cook, and sip together on a Delicious Expedition.”

Robert Conrow—Miami, Florida


“...absolutely magical.”


"I went on a delicious expedition to Umbria, and it was absolutely magical. As an Italian-American I had never been to Italy before, and couldn’t believe the beauty…the countryside, the buildings, and the old stone farmhouse where we stayed. We learned about Italy, cooked and dined...delicious. We learned to make pasta...ravioli, lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine and cavatelli, plus so much more.

My favorite day was spent truffle hunting.  Dogs not pigs find the truffles and the participants do the gentle digging. After the hunt we headed to the truffle museum and a five-course truffle lunch.  I had never tasted truffles before, but once I did I couldn't get enough.

Kris knows her way through Umbria. She knows the language and the people.  I never would have imagined how much fun a trip like this could be.”

Lee Virgilio—Malaga, Spain


“You will have a memorable experience and don't be surprised when you find that you have made some lifelong friendships along the way.”

Venice & Slovenia

"If you have ever dreamt of getting first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of a Michelin rated restaurant, learning the secret of the perfect porcini mushroom risotto or just experiencing local culture as you never have before, a culinary trip with Kris is for you. I have been on two tours (Slovenia and Venice) and her local knowledge, organization and most of all,her relationship with local experts is second to none. You will have a memorable experience and don't be surprised when you find that you have made some lifelong friendships along the way."

Jeanette Cox—Portland, Oregon


“Your hotel choices were fantastic, the tour guides excellent.”


"Thanks Kris. It was a great trip. Your hotel choices were fantastic, the tour guides excellent. And the cooking demonstrations were unbelievable! It was a very interesting & memorable experience. "

Susan Burchill—Napa Valley, California


“The food alone is beyond verbal explanation.”


“Kris Rudolph's Delicious Expedition to Umbria far exceeds a culinary experience. The food alone is beyond verbal explanation. Each cooking teacher we had was welcoming, experienced and skilled and every restaurant we visited was of noted fame and excellence. The centuries-old medieval towns were fun to explore and the scheduling was timely yet relaxing.

The homes we are invited into and the people we engaged with are relationships that have been created with time and a caring personal touch that is apparent with Kris' connection to them.  I have traveled a fair amount and generally have stayed away from 'group trips' BUT I can highly recommend Delicious Expeditions to take you places that you just won't be invited to on your own.

The abundance of food was amazing yet what was more amazing is that I did not gain one pound! LOL

You too will be recommending this trip!”

Patti O'Hanley—San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


“Everything was just perfect!”

Ireland & its Wild Atlantic Coast

"I cannot praise you enough for the brilliance of your selections for housing, experiences and eating. Oh, eating! What a terrific time that always was! Everything was just perfect -- thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jonelle Maison—Santa Fe, NM


“Just a wonderful trip!”


"Sit back and relax in Croatia. Kris has developed local contacts for great island tours with super guides. The boat crew couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. Just a wonderful trip!"

Gary and Melody Larson—Fargo, ND


“The cooking tour in Umbria was a delight from beginning to end.”


“The cooking tour in Umbria was a delight from beginning to end.  The area we traveled was a sensory feast of color from the ripening fields of tobacco to the grape vines heavily laden with dark fruit.  Wherever we looked were the ancient medieval towers and fortresses standing vigil.  Our 14th century lodging in the tiny walled village of Montone was the perfect base for our daily forays to neighboring towns.  We learned about the history of the area and visited wonderful restaurants where we sampled a dazzling array of dishes. 
We actively participated in preparing many of our meals while learning about the traditional foods of the area.  As we chopped, kneaded, whipped and stirred under the tutelage of experienced chefs, the conversation and cooking aromas created a friendly, comfortable atmosphere -- and the dinners "we" created were amazing feasts!

The people we met, the places we visited, the tastes we experienced and the stories we heard made an exceptionally memorable week in Italy!  Kris does a wonderful job of planning and organizing.”

Carol Marshall—Northfield, Minnesota


“I would love to return one day!”

Bordeaux and the French Countryside

"What a wonderful time we had exploring the city of Bordeaux. While staying at a charming hotel, we got to walk and eat our way through the historic center. Afterwards, we headed to Chateau Ladausse where owner and French-trained chef Diane cooked for us and her husband Eric shared his wine cellar and drove us on our daily excursions. They were a delight and we felt part of the family staying in their home. They thought of every detail, even celebrating a special birthday and anniversary. I would love to return one day!"

Sara Clark—Cedar Rapids, Iowa


“This one rates five stars!


“Great cooking and eating, truffle hunting, wine and olive oil (who knew) tasting, and a small and collegial group of new friends--what is not to like here!  Four master chefs, women who know their way around an Italian kitchen and make a mean risotto, were our cooking gurus.  In between cooking classes, we traveled to beautiful medieval Italian towns with tours and just the right amount of time to wander, followed by fabulous meals in local restaurants. Kris Rudolph tapped her many Umbrian friendships, making the trip both informative and highly personal.  Her attention to detail made the trip relaxing for all of us.  This one rates five stars!” 

Anne Hallett—Chicago, Illinois


“The amazing culinary delights abound.”


“Slovenia, a refreshing gem of Eastern Europe, is where we spent time exploring the outdoors, the capital city—Ljubljana and numerous picturesque villages. The amazing culinary delights abound. Our hosts at Domacija Novak, Miriam and Boris, were warm and welcoming as well as culinary masters. Traveling with Kris will be a delight to your senses. Well worth the investment.”

Karen Richards—Philadelphia, PA